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Jodi Goes To The Farm

Jodi Goes To The Farm – Rhyming Verse Book (Photo version – Kindle)

Jodi Goes To The Farm: Rhyming Verse Book (Photo version – Paperback)

Jodi Goes To The Farm (Children’s Illustrated Story Book – Kindle)

Jodi Goes To The Farm: Educational Illustrated Childrens Rhyming Book (Paperback)

Jodi Goes To The Farm

Jodi_Goes_To_The_FarmThis is a very educational  story book written in rhyming verse.  I’ve made it available in both illustrated and photo versions.

It’s about a day trip to the farm and  explains a little about all the animals Jodi and his mum see.

I’ve also included some additional facts which I didn’t cover in the poem and some animal jokes.

The book is suited to children aged between 5 and 10 years old and is available both in Kindle and paperback versions.


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