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The 7MinuteWorkout Story

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The 7 MinuteWorkout Story

If you’ve read my book, The GVO Story, you’ll already know a bit about the 7MinuteWorkout program.

It’s a healthy lifestyle program allowing people to get into the best shape of their lives by exercising just SEVEN minutes a day, THREE times a week.

Co-founded by Joel Therien and Chris Reid, this book covers their true stories as far as health and fitness is concerned

…why the program was set up,
the science behind the program,
health and nutritional information
and also various member success stories

I was fortunate enough to be able to personally interview many participants in the program and learn how the change of lifestyle has impacted their health and lives for the better

My story is also included as I too am a member.

You can find both the paperback and Kindle version on Amazon, as well as on Smashwords, and if you do read The 7MinuteWorkout Story, please take the time to leave an honest review about it.



Incidentally, if you want to listen to my interviews with Joel Therien, Chris Reid, and other 7MinuteWorkout members, you’ll find them at –


The 7Minute Workout is now part of the NOW Lifestyle system.

PLEASE watch this and share if you’re overweight, constipated or worried
about diabetes …

…or knows someone who is.

Joel Therien really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to health and fitness. I’ve met him, interviewed him and written two books about him (The GVO Story and The 7MinuteWorkout Story), so I know he is very passionate about helping people get healthier.

In this video he clearly explains exactly the roller coaster ride many people’s bodies get on and why you should do something before you get hooked on diabetic tablets and injections.

In simple language, you’ll learn how our bodies use the food we ingest and why dietary fiber is so important for our bodies.