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Concerns Of Women Over 50

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This time I want  to tell you about my book

Concerns Of Women Over 50

I’m sure you’re aware a lot of people write under pen names, and pretend to be someone else.

Well, the way they’re able to do this is to research all the demographics about who their ideal customer would be for the information they want to share, and then write for that audience.

Sometimes men adopt female pen names and vice versa, because they’ve done their research, but I’m not that clever.

I just want to be “Me”, so the content in Concerns Of Women Over 50 is the type of information I’d like to get as a woman who falls in that age group.

I suppose I really wrote the book to myself, which made life much easier , (and helped protect a few of my rapidly diminishing brain cells.  It covers things like diet, exercise, finance, health, relationships, sleep and weight in a conversational way, and to make it even easier to read, I’ve also included some jokes and quotes.

You can find the paperback book on Amazon and it’s really split into four main parts.

If you’d like to learn more you can find details of the books on

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